Dreamy Film-Inspired Fine Art Portraits of My Daughter + Cat

Dreamy Portrait headshot - Virginia family photographer

There’s nothing like fine art portraits to capture the mood and essence of a subject!

One of my favorite things to photograph has always been my kids. They both have beautiful blue eyes, although they have completely differents shades of the color. Neither of them really like having their photos taken, but they’ve usually been good sports about humoring me because they know how much I love photos. (And them!)

My daughter Bailey has moved out on her own, but we plan regular dinner dates to catch up! Before tonight’s outing for sushi and donuts, we dragged one of our dining room chairs out in the backyard, and I spent 10 minutes grabbing a few updated portraits of her!

My snuggly cat Natalee (NatTheCat) couldn’t resist joining in the fun, and she jumped up into the chair to command some attention.

Bailey works at a local school with kids who have autism, so she’s normally wearing jeans and sneakers. She doesn’t dress up often or fuss with makeup or jewelry, but I think some tiny part of her must still like playing dress up, because she seemed to have fun twirling a bit in this mint lace Maxi dress by Altar’d State. (We used to have a bin filled with all the Disney princess dresses!)

I love how these photos of Bailey turned out. She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know, and I feel like these photos capture some of her sweetness.

Enjoy a few of my favorite photos of my first-born child. ;)

Film-Inspired Portraits of My Daughter and Cat - Richmond Fine Art Photographer