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Tuckahoe Plantation Engagement Photos Session with Dog | Richmond Wedding Photographer

Tuckahoe Plantation Engagement Session Photos | Richmond Wedding Photographer

A Tuckahoe Plantation engagement session was the perfect match for this sweet MAP couple, Annie + Austin, and their adorable dog.

I first met Annie when I moved into her neighborhood when she was only four years old! We became close to her and her whole family and everyone shed a few tears when they moved from Mechanicsville to Culpeper for her dad’s job.

When Annie stepped out of her car, I was struck by two thoughts at once. First, with her big blue eyes, wavy hair and ever-present easy grin—I’d know her anywhere. Secondly, she’d grown up to be even more beautiful if that’s possible! She and Austin make such a cute couple together!

As we chatted and caught up a bit before their session began, Annie wrestled with her magnetic eyelashes. One was on, but the other one was giving her grief. It felt like old times with sleepovers at my house as I tried to help her get the little bugger stuck to her eyelashes where it belonged! While I was getting it in place she was telling Austin about how I was the first person to ever straighten her hair. (As a fellow curly haired gal, it’s always fun to experiment and try to wear your hair straight!)

Then they brought their sweet pup Ginny out of the car and we were off! Their pupper was so sweet and when she wasn’t on camera, she chilled in her crate. She likes to road trip with the adventurous couple and rushes to jump into her crate whenever she thinks she’ll get to go somewhere! (Such a sweetie!)

In typical Richmond, Virginia fashion, it had rained all weekend and the ground was fairly squishy. But at least it held off long enough for us to get their session in while they were in town from their home in Raleigh, NC.

We had a great time exploring Tuckahoe Plantation together! I’ve been there several times, but never at this time in the spring, and it was nice to see it with so many different flowers blooming.

I loved meeting Austin and catching up with Annie. I can’t wait until their fall wedding in Culpeper, Virginia!

Here are a few of my favorite Tuckahoe Plantation photos from Annie + Austin’s engagement session!

Tuckahoe Plantation Engagement Photos | Virginia Wedding Photographer