Richmond Senior Portrait Tips



Congratulations, you're a senior! There's no other time of your life like it, so we're thrilled you've decided to document this important chapter in your life through photos. It's our goal to capture your unique personality in your portraits. We also want you to have fun doing it! We'll bring along some music. . .you bring some of your favorite outfits and props. . .and we'll go explore an area you've selected together while we take photos!

Richmond Senior Portrait Tips

A parent or BFF is welcome. Sometimes it helps to have a parent or friend on board to help with wardrobe changes and make sure your hair looks good. As long as they are helping you feel more comfortable and not distracting you or making you feel nervous, invite them along! (Maybe Mom, BFF or BF can even jump in a photo with you?)

Richmond Senior Portraits - Tuckahoe Plantation

Bring 2-3 outfits you love. Pick a variety of colors, but steer away from too many patterns. (We want you to be the center of attention, not your shirt!)  1 dressy, 1 casual dressy or sports/hobby related is recommended. If you love it, you’ll be more comfortable, and that’ll show! Think about your location and what may coordinate well with the area you’ve chosen for your photographs. Include coordinating accessories.

Richmond State Capitol Senior Portraits - Richmond Senior Photographer

Don’t forget the shoes! In many of the photos, your shoes will be visible. Bring several pairs with you that coordinate with your outfits. If you have heels, bring’m. (I know they usually just make your feet grumpy, but maybe we can get away with just a few shots and then just use them as a prop--ha!)

Tuckahoe Plantation Senior Portraits - Richmond Senior Photographer

Bring props. Are you in the band? A dancer? Football player? Bring along your uniform, soccer ball or musical instrument and let's have some fun showing off your personality!


Richmond Senior Portrait Photgrapher


Tan lines are tricky. I can retouch blemishes and scars, but heavy tan lines are nearly impossible to remove well. When selecting your wardrobe, notice if there are tan- lines visible and either fix the tan lines, or chose another outfit.

Richmond Senior Portraits - Hanover High School

Glasses create glare. If possible, see if you can remove the lenses for the shoot, or check with your eye doctor to see if he/she can lend you a similar frame.

Richmond Senior Portrait Photographer

Arrive early. You don’t want to look stressed out or out of breath in your photos. Some locations may involve parking in an area you’re not familiar or more traffic than you are used to. Often, I’ll chose the time of day for your location to make the best use of natural light--if you’re late, we may miss our window. Allow yourself plenty of time, get there early and relax.

Complete your senior survey. It's just a few questions so I can get to know you better!

Mechanicsville Senior Portrait Photographer

Pick a location you like! Want something peaceful and rural, or edgy and urban? Let's find somewhere that best fits your personality. (Click here for some inspiration!)

Take more care when applying makeup. Don’t go crazy on the cosmetics, but take a little more time when applying it than usual--it’s not every day that you get photos of yourself taken that may live on people’s walls for decades. Avoid really bright nail polish, eye shadow or anything that will distract from you. Make sure hair is clean, styled and out of your eyes.

Richmond Senior Portraits - The Homestead Resort

Relax and have fun! This photo session is all about you--enjoy it. Having your picture taken can be really fun. Don’t worry about posing or smiling. Once you’re there, I’ll talk you through what to do. It’s easy and low-key and it’s my job to make sure you look great!


Richmond Senior Portrait Ideas and Tips